About me

Jane Ladan grew up in Mauritius, a culturally rich and diverse island of the Indian Ocean with traditions and influences originating from China, Africa, Europe and India.  Having lived in South Africa, Kenya, Canada and she moved to Mozambique where she has been residing for the past Two years.  A painter, sculptor and jewellery maker, she is a graduate of the Ottawa School of Art.  Her work celebrates the rich colours and textures found in mother earth’s biodiversity, particularly in the undersea world. She is passionate about creating unique, contemporary organic and feminine sculptural jewellery for bold and daring women of all ages.  Inspired by the dialectic inherent to positive and negative energies, she uses varied materials, genres and techniques to create sophisticated artistic and fashionable pieces that elevate humanity. Jane is the recipient of the Ted Marshall Award (2011), the David and Nicole Henderson Scholarship (2012), Lilian Raport Memorial Fund for the Arts (2012) and the Robert Hyndman Drawing & Painting Scholarship (2013)


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello! My name is Alisha Brooks, I am s third year child and youth worker student from St Lawrence College in Kingston ON! As part of our global advocacy class we were going to travel to Kenya in March 2015, however it was cancelled! We are now looking to experience various aspects of Kenyan culture in Ottawa! Kenyan art is a fascinating avenue we would very much like to explore! We are planning a trip to Ottawa around March 6/7, I noticed Jane had an exhibit last year regarding African art and sculptures, if this is something that we could possibly speak to her about or learn about while we are there that would be an amazing opportunity for us! Please email me back at ABrooks11@sl.on.ca to coordinate a time if this is something you would like to be part of ! Thanks !
    -Alisha Brooks

    • Hi Alisha,
      Thanks for your interest. I am actually on vacation in Mauritius but will be back on the 8th of march. I will contact you as soon as I am back. Also unfortunately I am not in Ottawa anymore but I leave in Mozambique, but we could do a phone call or a skype call.

      Thanks Jane

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