Power to the corals

Combining my Indian Ocean and African influence and my multi-ethnic background, I integrated my oceanic reefs’ research with the concept of Canadian democracy. Ottawa’s politically charged milieu is faced with a broad discontent by an increasingly multicultural Canadian youth about the politics of an ‘aging’ political establishment. ‘Power to the Corals’ critically and artistically celebrates young Canadians from different backgrounds that are disinterested in mainstream politics but are politically active, e.g. through social network mobilization, street demonstration, space occupation or art. My work is made of paper clay, plywood and wool. On a dark orange background representing a deceitful and untrustworthy political establishment, I have sculpted a set of unique coral reefs with different shapes and tones out of paper clay. The use of undersea world’s corals celebrates Canada’s rich multicultural landscape while emphasizing the distance that exists between the political class and youth.


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